Publicity and Recognition

On Juneteenth, 2020, YFCNJ, along with NJ Student Blackout, organized a Black Lives Matter protest that was covered by USA Today in Montclair, leading 1000+ citizens for justice. YFCNJ also helped draft a letter of demands to Attorney General Grewal. In collaboration with the NJ Youth Coalition, we sought to end the brutalization and over-policing of Black New Jerseyans. To achieve this goal, we recommended the termination of qualified immunity, along with other sets of reforms. We played a pivot role in the updated Use of Force Polic: our recommendation of requiring every police department to report every instance of force will take effect December 31, 2021. Our letter has been featured in TAPinto Morriston, TAPinto Madison, and TAPinto Plainfield. 

For YFCNJ's activism, our organization was recognized by Irregular Labs, a think-tank corporation that mentors Gen-Z leaders across the globe, and Gucci Equilibrium. YFCNJ was profiled on Medium and was featured in the Regenerative Report, which investigated how the youth are building an equitable future. To learn more about the Report, read this article by Vice News.

YFCNJ was featured in zine for the Media & Youth Futures Forum that was conducted by The Future Laboratory (a subscription-based insights platform in the United Kingdom that documents new consumer behavior and key industry trends). The zine sought to examine how Generation Z led social change during the pandemic. 

The UN featured YFCNJ in Voices on the Wind, an exhibition they conducted that focused on the plight of refugee children. Part of the project was an animated short film by director Maya Sanbar and musician Sting that showcased how Gen Z defines “home." In the film, YFCNJ defined "home" as a place that fosters a person’s development by providing security and happiness.

YFCNJ conducted the Passaic County 2021 Point In Time (PIT) Count (a census that helped Paterson’s homeless receive housing services) with Paterson City Hall’s policymaking Innovation Team (a result of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative), local homeless agencies, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. YFCNJ'ss involvement in the PIT Count was filmed by Deutsche Welle, a German public state-owned international television broadcaster that reaches 249 million weekly user contacts. Their coverage focused on homelessness in the U.S. It also underscored how YFCNJ'ss Free Travel Benefit Initiative is utilizing its $10,000 budget to reduce homelessness in Paterson.