Our Vision

To improve the lives of low-income minorities across the state of New Jersey.

Our Mission

Youth For Change NJ (YFCNJ) is a student-led organization that aims to empower oppressed Black and Latino communities in Paterson, New Jersey through mutual aid and human rights advocacy. YFCNJ aims to serve as a model for other youth to restructure the framework of their own neighborhoods. 

Our Work

YFCNJ is building an equitable future through program innovation and public policy. We organize coordinated efforts with local government officials and civic groups to provide residents with affordable housing, transportation, and life's basic needs. Our long-term goal to reduce homelessness and poverty in Paterson is by implementing a free GED program for Paterson's unhoused citizens so that they can obtain the academic skills necessary to earn jobs that pay above the minimum wage. 

Coming together to uplift and empower our voices. 

Our Team

Matthew Eid


Jade Wicker

Creative Director

Daniel Chioffi 

Data Analyst

Kailyn Colette


Oyinwonuola Fasasi

Nicholas Gilhooley


Fundraising Chair

Taliyah Williams

Victoria Ajayi

Lauren Lee



Web Developer

Akram Amer

Volunteer Coordinator